Universal Sequencing Technology Launches the TELL-Seq™ WGS Library Prep Kit for Long-Read DNA Sequencing

November 2019 – Canton, MA. Universal Sequencing Technology Corporation (‘UST’), a developer of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies, today emerges from stealth mode, unveiling its TELL-Seq technology for linked, long-read DNA sequencing applications. These kits allow users to conveniently and effectively turn a short-read DNA sequencer into a long-read DNA sequencer.

Recently, it has become evident that short-read sequencing does not provide the answers that are needed to have a full understanding of genome complexity and to connect health and traits to genome variations. TELL-Seq technology enables short-read sequencers to generate long-range sequencing information routinely with only nanogram input material. The TELL-Seq WGS Library Preparation kit tags segments of DNA through molecular barcoding, maintaining the original structure, i.e. the long-range information is preserved.

Our technology allows one to identify structural variations between organisms and individuals more efficiently, and researchers will be able to phase genomes to distinguish which parental chromosome a sequence or variant originated from. Phasing is particularly important in population genetic studies and consumer genetics. In addition to chromosomal structural analysis, the TELL-Seq kit will be used by metagenomic researchers, analyzing environmental samples containing a complex mixture of microbes.

Direct DNA sequencing from environmental samples is a rapidly growing field that has been waiting for a technological breakthrough.

“The TELL-Seq kit will make other more expensive and more difficult to use methods obsolete,” exclaimed Dr. Ming Lei, Universal Sequencing’s CEO. “We are very excited about the launch of the TELL-Seq WGS Library Prep kit and are building off of the core technology to offer additional solutions for researchers who want simple solutions with sophisticated results.”